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Mount Hollywood


One of the most highly exported images in the world, the Hollywood sign draws many visitors from foreign countries and states across America, but it also draws many locals who take advantage of the hiking trails that branch out from the area where people usually go to view the sign.

The Hollywood sign. Duh.

The Hollywood sign. Duh.

The trails branch out, one going high, one going low, and another going up closer to the Hollywood sign (although you cannot get up close to the sign).

The first thing you notice upon beginning the trail at Mount Hollywood is the effervescent and copious presence of fimus equus, or horseshit (for the laymen). This can be attributed to the Sunset Ranch, a horseback riding outfitter adjacent to the trail. Why laws exist for dogs’ stuff but not for the Subaru-sized refuse of stallions I’m not sure, but overall the population of poo-pollution can provide for a disparaging outcome to the intentions of the hike.

However stinky this trail might be, the payoff is pretty damn good. At the top you will find an overlook with a 290 degree view of the city, from Glendale to Downtown, Hollywood to Century City, and on a clear day, all the way to Santa Monica and the Pacific. You will also see the Observatory from above it, and on days/nights that there is a concert at The Greek, you can hear music emanating from the venue.

Our Take: The moderate hike doesn’t take too long (50-70 mins each way) and can be a quick fix and alternative form of exercise for locals or a nice sojourn for Hollywood sign visitors and tourists who want to get a great look at the sprawling City of Angels.

Overall: *** (Out of Five)

Level: Easy to Moderate

Accessibility: Can be poor. Very limited parking.


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Any recommendations on trails to cover would be appreciated too.

Happy Trails…

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